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25 years Experience

A promise : to innovate, to assure and, most of all, to deliver.

Passionate About Performance

Passionate About Performance Aerodyn continues to push the efficiency frontier for national HVAC companies to manufacture products that have superior durability, simplified maintenance and a wider operating envelope than any other product manufactured in Egypt.


It is a promise: to innovate, to assure and, most of all, to deliver.

Trusted in the most prestigious buildings in the country to ensure our product solutions are more sustainable and provide more comfort to our customers.

We Specialize in Manufacturing and Supplies of HVAC systems that are all comprehensive:

With every building decision comes the opportunity to create a space that’s more efficient, more sustainable and more connected that’s why we create the HVAC equipment and services that create happier customers.


Dedicated to Quality

As one of the top HVAC manufacturers,.of products that help keep your hvac systems running at peak performance, Our Expertise and knowledge of the market stand behind every product we sell. From a simple air vent all the way to the most complex parts we have a long-held reputation of technical excellence, dedicated customer support and outstanding quality that backs every customer and every contractor – ensuring a smoother experience, and a better long-term investment.

Number of products
Number of clients
Number of projects



we want to be a professional partner with heavy demands on ourselves, our suppliers, and our cooperation partners.



we guarantee high  and best quality for AC central ducts , as we set high standards for our success and growth.



we constantly seek to rely on creative solutions and focus on creating innovative and unique designs as we build for durability .



we want to supply the best quality in the market and on time. We do not compromise with quality, neither regarding design, and documentation

We aim to provide a rewarding environment for all employees and encourage a sense of shared responsibility with our community.


Committed to Innovation

As a leader in innovation and product performance, our history is demonstrated in a series of industrial, commercial monumental projects that withstand the test of time, taking every industry and every application into consideration to provide a more complete, more advanced product line to suit the demands of the Egyptian market.

AERODYN is a leading HVAC system company specialized in manufacturing and shipping quality HVAC ductwork and vents from round , rectangular and oval to all necessary fittings and accessories.

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